What is PHC-Mail.Com?

PHC-Mail.Com is the no-click disposable email system. It provides you, at no cost, a temporary email address for signing up/registering on certain websites that require verification without being bombarded by their spams. PHC-Mail.Com, as its name indicates, helps to reduce spam emails in your life.

How it works?

It is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Copy (Ctrl-C) this email address:

Step 2: Paste (Ctrl-V) it in any form that requires email verification.

Step 3: Wait for email to pop up here at PHC-Mail.Com

You can keep and reuse the email address for as long as long you wish (for example you can bookmark the current URL). However, the messages are kept for a maximum of 2 days. After that they are being destroyed.

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